Mindfulness at Work

Our working hours take up much of our lives and can be a source of real satisfaction, engagement and fulfilment for us, while at the same time our careers can also bring stress as part of that mix. There’s much talk of the work-life balance but in reality this can often be hard to achieve. Especially at certain times when major changes are going on in an organisation, or other stressful conditions, or maybe the type of work just is by its nature demanding and high pressure. Or for individuals at certain times there may be things going on at home that are very difficult making it harder to cope with the day to day demands of their job.

More and more employers are looking at ways to help their employees to cope with stress and seeing this as part of their responsibility to their workforce. As with most positive initiatives, mindfulness training benefits both the employer, via reduced absenteeism and sickness rates and improved morale – and the employee – potentially helping to increase resilience to stress, sense of choices in response to challenging situations and creativity.

The Mindful Place offers tailored workplace mindfulness sessions and courses, from a one-off taster or introductory session to a series of linked trainings.

I have experience of delivering mindfulness training to NHS staff and plan to expand the amount of mindfulness training I offer in the workplace. Please get in touch via the contact form below if you’d like to find out more or call me on 07985 656014

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Photo credit: Skein of Geese by Mateusz Stachowski